Vision & Mission

Vision :

• To be a hub of excellence for the technical education, advance research & innovation fostering intellect, creativity and temperament.

• To serve as a valued resource for industry and society.

• To inspire human spirit through excellent achievements in learning, invention and nationality.

• To discover, disseminates and applies updated knowledge through teaching, learning, research, innovative activity and management and thus contribution to wellbeing of nation and global.

Mission : While serving as the highest echelon of academic excellence, this polytechnic functions as a catalyst towards the creation of innovative minds and striving to instill the sense of right morale, attitude and intellect in the students so that they are equipped with best knowledge, skills, competence and aptitude that they can utilize their individual betterment and the prosperity of the society and above all the country. As the preeminent diploma institution in the state, North Tripura District Polytechnic embodies the spirit of excellence in teaching, creative activity, technological innovative and disseminate. This institute recognizes the fact that the quality of country’s human capital is critical to the development, social cohesion and global competitiveness and hence and also lean to produce skilled graduates with fullest extent so that they are intellectually capable to face ethical, social and professional challenge in a sustainable manner and also strengthen the students providing quality teaching and make them able to cope with leadership, teamwork, problem solving, career preparation and valued ethics. Above all, North Tripura District Polytechnic vows to synergize all measures for growth of a student to a wholesome individual that always depicts in its all around sterling development works for students.